sluggin it

last week shoe had a late nite, an was lookin to get in a quick bowl before headin back to shoe hovel. there it was, the tenka-ippin. shoe had never evar set foot in the tenka-ippin. tenka-ippins are everywhere, an up ta now shoe has turned his nose up at 'em, but this time he broke down an went in for a fix.

two choices, the kotteri or assari. shoe went kotteri, natch, but didnae expect just how freakin' thick this shit was.

yea gods! pure snotty glop! dorodoro all the way it was. flavourwise it wasnt too bad, but the sloppy muck was the only thing that shoe had on his wee mind..

a cheeky beer an a plate o' salty chahan later, shoe was a-filled up to brim, goop levels proper.

three unknown comics for this B, wotta hoot!

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Anonymous r a m e n i a c had this to say:

hah i love tenka-ippin every now and then. it's chicken bone ramen... that shit cooks up thicker than the pork!

4:14 PM 

Blogger the shoe had this to say:

noted. tanks for the update on the 'ppin. short range sensors were down when samples were collected. ta~!

12:03 PM 

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